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Third Party Insurance Billing & Follow-Up

Since Receivia is made up of a large number of professionals from the provider-side, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to not only undertake third party insurance account initial billing and follow-up, but we can also work to free up denied claims where possible.

We can handle your third party insurance claims in any volume and at any placement date after discharge. Additionally, we can work your accounts onsite by having our professional staff work onsite at your facility to provide a focus that will bring in your cash faster than anyone in the industry, or we can work your accounts offsite from one of our operation centers. Since we have worked with hundreds of healthcare clients over our long history, we are able to access every patient accounting system via our already established interfaces and have been trained on most of them.

Our recent investments into EDI and other technology has allowed Receivia to further develop internal systems and processes that allow us to follow-up third party insurance accounts in a timely fashion and even identify and resolve potential issues before claims can be denied. Since we track and trend troublesome claims with most payors, we can take aggressive action to work with these payors and assure that you receive the maximum reimbursement available.

Finally, we are proud that approximately 70% of our professional staff are also certified as Certified Patient Account Representatives (“CPARs”) by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (“HFMA”). It is the ongoing training and certifications that result in our professional staff being so knowledgeable which is reflected in our results.

If your healthcare entity has or will have a need for a third party insurance billing or follow-up project that we could assist you with, please click here and complete the request form.